Originally from Buckingham, and recently moved over 500 miles to a stunning smallholding in rural Aberdeenshire with my family.  I am planning to have a huge craft studio and workshop dedicated to crafts. 


I am extremely fortunate to have found this beautiful, peaceful haven which we share with our ponies, saddleback gilts, ryland ewes, ryland tup lamb, chickens, cats and dogs; Lily and Charlie.

The local wildlife and bird life is amazing, we see roe deer, hares, curlew, snipe, an array of garden birds and we have a sky lark and swallows nesting - plus there are far too many coastal animals to mention - what a privilege! 

I have always loved working with leather and what started as a hobby has now developed and grown at a steady pace and I decided to invest more time and energy in the products.

I am passionate about unique cottage industry businesses, and pride myself on sourcing leather locally and in offering quality products at competitive prices.  My clients are very pleased with the quality unique bespoke leather items that I produce.

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Without the kind generosity of my late Uncle I would not be able to follow my dream in developing my craft skills.

My Uncle's initials were G.E.M hence becoming part of my company name.  Serenitygem is my Alpaca herd name. 

Sarah x