"I want to tailor-make the perfect fit collar for your dog and for the collar to be comfortable with enough room to tighten or loosen for grooming." - Sarah.


Not sure how to measure your dog for a collar?  

Don’t worry, help is at hand – just follow this easy guide:


You will need:


  • A soft tape measure (or a piece of string will do!)

  • A pen & paper

  • Your dog!  Standing comfortably and not wriggling too much (a treat could help?)


Wrap the tape measure (or string) around the middle of your dog’s neck so that it touches the fur but is not too tight. 


If you own a Sighthound such as a Greyhound, Whippet or lurcher and would like to order a Hound Collar, measure just behind the ears and under the chin at the top of the neck.


If you are ordering a House Collar, measure lower down the neck.


Take a look at my lovely model Bo here for an example:

If you are in any doubt, please contact me - I'm happy to help and advise you.