All of my products are bespoke and tailor-made to individual requirements.

Here are some examples of the products available.  I also undertake Leather repairs.

Please contact me with your enquiry.

Leather Collars and Leads

Tailor-made collars and leads made to fit.  All widths and lengths available.

Whippet and Hound Collars in Leather made to exacting measurements in a variety of colours.

Horse Lead Reins

Handmade Lead Reins and Show Reins made to order.

Leather Belts

All belt widths and lengths available with a choice of buckles.

Also Available:

  • Goat Collars

  • Alpaca Halters

  • Leather Dog Slip Leads

  • Leather Jewellery

  • Camera Straps

  • Guitar Straps

  • Rifle Slings

Photos coming soon!


Leather Game Carriers

Tailor-made game carriers allowing you to keep your hands free.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 14.01.35.png

Leather Gift Pouches

Small pouch in different colours ideal for tooth fairy, jewellery, coins etc


Leather Case Straps

Made to order - quality leather and buckles.

Leather Bunting

Leather Bunting

Made to order - all lengths and colours.

Leather Keyring

Leather Keyrings

Bespoke handmade Leather key fobs, including shotgun cartridge keyrings.

Coming Soon: Repair Needed?

Do you have a leather item in need of repair?  Contact Me and I will see if I can help!