All of my products are bespoke and tailor-made to individual requirements.

Here are some examples of the products available.  I also undertake Leather repairs.

Please contact me with your enquiry.

Leather Collar and Lead

Leather Collars & Leads

Tailor-made collars and leads made to fit.  All widths and lengths available. From £20

Whippet Collars

Whippet Collar

Made to exacting measurements in a variety of colours.

Leather Horse Lead Rein

Horse Lead Reins

Handmade lead reins and show reins made to order.


Leather Belts

All widths and lengths available with choice of buckles.

Also Available:

  • Goat Collars

  • Alpaca Halters

  • Leather Dog Slip Leads

  • Leather Jewellery

  • Camera Straps

  • Guitar Straps

  • Rifle Slings

Photos coming soon!

Greyhound Collar

Greyhound Collars

Tailor-made collars for Greyhounds  made to fit.  

Leather Bunting

Leather Bunting

Made to order - all lengths and colours.

Leather Keyring

Leather Keyrings

Bespoke handmade Leather key fobs, including shotgun cartridge keyrings.


Leather Tool Holsters

Holsters handmade for Tools, Axes, Tomahawks etc all made to order.

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Leather Gift Pouches

Small pouch in different colours ideal for tooth fairy, jewellery, coins etc

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 14.09.46.png

Leather Knife Sheath

Handcrafted leather knife sheath with belt loop made to order.

Coming Soon: Repair Needed?

Do you have a leather item in need of repair?  Contact Me and I will see if I can help!