I also offer handmade crafts that are made with other non-leather materials.

Here are some examples of the products available. 

Please contact me with your enquiry.

Webbing Collars and Leads

Handcrafted webbing leads and collars in black and khaki colours.

Relaxation Eye Pillows

Relaxation pillows made with organic cotton, and filled with rice, lavender oil and Hitchen Lavender. 

Shotgun Cartridge Frame

Framed Heart picture made with Shotgun Cartridges.

Tote Bags

Printed with Indian block prints.  Other printed items available.

Greeting Cards

Handmade Greeting Cards in a variety of designs.

Horse Tail Hi-Vis Ribbons

Horse Tail safety streamers made to order.

Alpaca Fleece Dryer Balls

Use these dryer balls to help reduce static, drying time and make your clothes smell beautiful!